Well everything has finally come together and I am in Melbourne, ready to catch my plane first thing tomorrow. I am already missing my little family and don’t know how I am going to go not seeing them for two weeks. I am relying on being super busy to help keep me distracted.
So here I am sitting here with no to do list for the first time in a long time and thinking of all the wonderful things that have happened since I decided to exhibit in New York.
Have I mentioned how much I appreciate the support and encouragement of my husband? He has been beyond words and truly inspirational in his commitment to help me make this happen. Without him I would have given up several times along the way. I am so fortunate to have a relationship like ours and I hope I make us both proud in New York.
Anyway, I am going to get some shut eye if i can relax enough to get to sleep. I plan to post as often as possible during my trip, so you will hear from me soon.
Thanks to everyone for all your support and encouragement, I am truly overwhelmed by the blessing I feel is on my life right now.
Jasmine x