About six weeks ago I started painting a new body of work for an exhibition I am having in Melbourne in March. It is coming together slowly and I am loving incorporating some ideas that have been brewing in my head for awhile into these new works. I won’t reveal too much, but, I will say that I am working on simplifying colour and creating more geometric versions of my “Utopias”, the little places I use to share my inspiration, (my paintings). So, being back in serious painting mode means I have to sharpen my focus and avoid distractions. There will be plenty of late nights and times when I equally love and despair over painting. Here are a few sneaky pics…


20131005-202225.jpg this also means I have a few works left from the New York series in the studio, which I am ready to part with.. So if you like anything you see on my home page, let me know, and I will see what we can work out! (Think Christmas laybuy target style!) ..
Jasmine x