At the moment, I am spending every spare second painting. It is a difficult time of year to be doing this, as Christmas time brings so many extra social and other commitments. However, all the work for my New York show has to be sent off by the first week in February and I still have so much I want to do. Last night I was up till two am and had a big day again today. I have drawn the line though and am giving myself tomorrow (Christmas eve) Christmas Day and Boxing Day (my birthday) off. I am really looking forward to these days with my family and friends and hope I have some extra energy when I get back to painting.
I am loving doing my new work, ignoring a lot of the advice I have been given and painting more like I did when I was younger; spontaneously, with lots of colour, tight graphics and generally more freely. I am getting good feedback and hope it gets me some fans in New York. What do you think?