Danielle Thomas came to my recent exhibition at the Hope & Co Gallery and took some lovely photos, which I am proud to share. I must admit that it is an overwhelming feeling when a room full of people come to look at my work. I paint in isolation and each piece sometimes seems to take forever to complete. It is wonderful to finally see the pieces and ideas, out there to be shared.

Since moving to Hamilton, I have been thrilled to make some very talented friends, who agreed to bring some of their own cleverness along to the show. Susan Bradbeer, Valerie Little (Aunty Bird) and Jackie Obrien (hazel green) each crafted several beautiful items from fabrics which were printed from my work, see ‘red scissors’ on my website.

I trust you will enjoy the photographic version of the exhibition!

Valerie Little Bag

hazel green pullover

from left, Valerie Little, Jasmine Mansbridge, Susan Bradbeer and Jackie Obrien (hazel green)

Wrap by Susan Bradbeer

hazel green key rings

Paintings by Jasmine Mansbridge 'Home for ? days' & 'Kept my doors locked heart & house'

Alex Anderson, Shaun Mansbridge & Maddy Whyte.....

Susan Bradbeer Scarves


Artist in the headlights... Jasmine Mansbridge