I generally write about things I am dealing with once I have figured out some kind of solution. I am great at forgetting what has worked for me in the past and I often go about life in a circular manner. Forgetting what works and having to re remember what does! (Why oh why!)

So, recently when I realised I wasn’t myself. I began to think about what was wrong and just like a hundred times before, I realised I needed to paint again. My plan to have a break after having my baby was defeating its purpose. I felt a bit blah blah and not myself. So, I am painting again, (albeit at a snail pace) and feeling much better.

The only way I get to paint is by making a plan. Oscar is a pretty constant breastfeeder, and the most reliable time that he sleeps is in the morning, so getting up earlier than him is the only way for me to get in a good block of painting done. I might be a little tired during the day, (and some days my plans fail), but I am definitely feeling like I have some control over my life, and I think painting releases special endorphins in me!
We had ten days away at a nearby beach over the festive season and so I brought my painting stuff along and away I went, up with the birds every morning! My idea of a holiday!
So, if your like me and you need to be creative on a regular basis, make a plan, start small and see where those little daily steps lead!
Happy New Year everyone.. I hope its a fulfilled one..
Jasmine x
(Some holiday “studio” pics)

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