Well it is a nice time of year for me… no school for anyone, lots of mini breaks and different things to do and lots of wondering which one of these things I should do, wishing I had more time to paint, wishing I has more time to myself la la la….

I have had to remember my own advice and just paint in the midst of everything… isn’t it quietest in the eye of the storm? This may not be great if you want your house to resemble one off an awesome design blog, but, it works for me. I have to remind myself to not take it all too seriously. You only get one life and it should be enjoyed. I paint for fun and because it makes me happy and a nicer friendlier person!

To my lovely new subscribers…. thanks… don’t be strangers….I’d love to hear what you have to say about life & art… several frankie magazines will be heading out shortly… when I can figure out who’s who!

Jasmine x