The next few months will be busy around here. My oldest daughter is starting year twelve (the final year of school in Australia), my son is commencing kindergarten and amongst many other things I am working on paintings for my 2014 solo exhibition (now May). Being summer my garden is loaded with veg (mainly zucchini), the seven hens are laying well and overall my in-town farm has been blessed with abundance. So in preparation for evenings spent at sports practise, study hall pick ups, the gym, painting, or trips to Melbourne, last week end I had a massive cook up and filled my half empty freezer with ready made meals. I cooked lasagnes (zucchini laden), quiches (zucchini & bacon), lamb stroganoff, kangaroo moussaka, batches of soups and several other main meals. It took me a night and a day. But now I can relax a little more knowing the goodness of summer isn’t going to waste and our convenience food is our food. It’s doing things like this that make the juggling, balancing act of family and work go all the more smoothly for me. The end of summer holidays is in sight and I say bring it on! What are your tips for controlling chaos… ???