Small Pure Light (Clear) Thought Catcher Installation


The Thought Catcher first appeared in my work in painted form, as a metaphor to honour the act of thinking.

The cube symbolises the contained nature of a thought and then the cut away shapes represent the nature of flow within the thinking process.

The idea of the Thought Catcher  was to examine the way modern life and our engagement with technology increasingly interacts with and alters our thought processes. They remind us to protect the art of individual thought.

They have since evolved to other forms and ideas, including large scale installations and sculptures.  More recently they have been styled and photographed and are available in artworks here.




The clear Thought Catcher works well in conjunction with a coloured version, or alone to refract light in a room in a soft and sophisticated way.

Thought Catcher is designed to capture your attention. It is luminous and draws you in, in the same way it draws on and reflects the light surrounding it. For me they are a reminder to slow my thinking down. To centre myself.

The Thought Catcher will add interest and colour to any room and can be paired with a painting or artwork for added impact.

Dimensions; 20 x 20 x 20 cm.

They are made of perspex which can mark or scratch. Please take care when handling and clean only with a soft cloth.

Note that colours may vary slightly as available suppliers are subject to change.

Shipping within Australia included in purchase price. For international orders or all other enquiries please get in touch here.

Please allow a six week wait after purchase as the Thought Catchers are made to order. This is more sustainable for both the environment and my artistic practise. If you need them earlier than that or would like pricing on a larger order please email hello@jasminemansbridge.com .


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