Snow dome / Thought Catcher Artwork (large) – Jasmine Mansbridge, Megan Morton, Zan Wimberley


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These works had a starting point in the simplest idea.

Earlier this year I asked Megan if seeing that covid had her grounded, perhaps she could style my installations (Thought Catchers & Three Point Portals) for me. Her pre covid travel schedule would of made this shoot impossible to fit in at such short notice. She said yes and at that point I had planned to just bring them from Melbourne to do a simple product shoot. But then Victoria was locked down and shut up, and so was I.

Enter Zan a photographer who I became great friends with when we travelled to Ethiopia last year. It just so happened that there was a very narrow window of time in which Zan was also in Sydney before having to get back home over the border. There was one day in which it could all come together. So, with faith in the timing I packed the works and sent them via Australia Post Express, with all fingers crossed they would get there in time.

They did arrive in time and I had to trust that Megan’s vision and Zan’s brilliant eye would do justice to my pieces. I was excitable and restless on the day of the shoot and I admit it was challenging to release full control of the outcome. However, I need not have worried as a few days later when I saw the imagery they had created, I admit to being quite overwhelmed by it. The beautiful and unexpected details, the layers and rich imagery. They were works of art all on their own. The three of us felt then, that we should extend the idea further and that they deserved to be seen. That the images should have a life of their own. So, we picked a favourite each and here they are now for you to put on your walls.

The way this idea came together is typical of how my creative life has unfolded. So, much of it is without a specific plan and happens organically. I just follow the things I love to do, with people I love to work with. There is great joy in making art without outcomes or end points and this year of coronavirus has only pushed me more into this way of working. As so much of what I could control; projects, dates, times, and venues simply evaporated, and I have been left to return to the beginning and to making art for arts sake.

I do hope you love this collaboration as much as we do. Please feel free to email hello@jasminemansbridge.com with any questions and for custom sizing.

I look forward to seeing the works in your spaces.

Jasmine X

Photograph above taken in my Geelong studio by Nikita Cherry



A note on Snow Dome

These images meet perfectly at the intersection of sculpture, styling and photography, they bring out all of our skills in equal measure, a true collaboration. Jasmine, an incredible artist who has her own visual language that is both conceptual and surprising, had prepped us, she had orchestrated everything, we understood the meaning and intricacies of the Thought Catchers. We knew what we were in for, and yet had no idea. 

MM out did herself, bringing together brilliant and inspired collection of objects, some incredible objects that she had had for a long time, to objects that she had found and collected (I haven’t been able to look at packaging the same way since – have you ever really looked at it? I hadn’t).

MM and I had only just met, but we both are close with JM, I was intimidated and a little star struck, but MM is such a generous and charismatic person, and I felt so held by her warmth that it wasn’t long before we were bouncing off each other, pushing each other, a bit further, a bit higher, can we make it float? Can we push it to the very, very edge? Just how far? We were balancing and counterbalancing in a whirlwind bromance. What came together was intoxicating, on the day we called them temporary totems, they were assemblages built to fall, to stand only for a matter of seconds on their own, only long enough to capture so they would exist only in a photograph before MM had to jump back in the hold everything together so that it didn’t all crash down around our ears. 

Moments before Snow Dome was taken, MM had lifted the thought catcher, shaken up the snow dome, placed it back and expertly balanced the thought catcher back on top, all without disturbing the crystal that was holding on for dear life on the other side of the assemblage, we snapped the image in the few seconds that the snow dome was full and the Thought Catcher was balancing. Using the Thought Catcher not just as object but a lighting tool, using it to create a shape also often found in JM’s paintings, with MM’s incredible pieces, to the light, no other more than this work speaks to our strengths as individuals and as a collaboration, this is why I chose it.

This work is available in two sizes. This is the large size 61 x 92 cm.

There is also a small size here

The artwork is printed on a beautiful thick 310 gsm cotton rag and signed.

It will be sent with complimentary shipping in a tube via registered mail.

Please keep handling to a minimum to avoid creasing or marking. We recommend that when you are ready you either take straight to your local framer or pop them into something ready made such as the Ikea Hovsta.

Please feel free to get in touch at hello@jasminemansbridge.com for custom sizes.

Jasmine X


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