There’s a paintbrush in my coffee

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Hello beautiful people, I wrote this book in 2016 after being asked so often, how I managed to juggle the needs of my family and my arts practice. At that stage I had 5 children all living at home. Fast forward to 2020 and now I have just my three younger children with me and life has had quite a few changes. I am also finding myself with the coronavirus crisis on our hands and us all being together in isolation, going back to basics and back to the beginning, and I have actually been referencing the book myself for reminders of how to navigate the tricky territory that can be parenting and working from home. So, I have put up into my shop the copies of the book I had left. I do hope it helps in these uncertain times. Stay well.. Jasmine X

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10 reviews for There’s a paintbrush in my coffee

  1. Amanda Edwards (verified owner)

    This book is beautifully brief yet packed with sensible advice on how to do this art/mother/life thing! Like wise words from an older arty sister. I will be referring back to it like a “how to” manual for years to come. Thanks for sharing what you have learned thus far Jasmine. I am inspired.

    • Jasmine

      Hey Amanda, Thank you so much for your lovely comment, I am so glad you have connected with my words and you are encouraged on your creative journey.. Jasmine X

  2. Rachel Moodie (verified owner)

    I loved this book! It was like a bit of soul food. I sat on the couch with a cuppa and devoured it. So much insight and so beautifully put together. Highly recommend it!

    • Jasmine

      Hello Rachel, Thank you so much, this is lovely to hear! Jasmine X

  3. jo (verified owner)

    Every mum should read this book, Jasmine writes with such wit and offers practical advice for working mums and mums in general. I read it in one sitting and loved it that much that I bought another 2 copies to give to friends. highly recommend it!

    • Jasmine

      Thank you Jo, great to get such positive feedback and your repeat purchases!!

  4. Desiree Radi Mansbridge (verified owner)

    I loved reading Jasmines book. I agreed with all of the suggestions to balance studio practice and parenting. Its a real juggle and great to read how another artist does it. The quotes in the book was inspiring and so is the author. I left a spare copy in the workshop of the Daylesford Ceramic coperative – Clayspace to inspire other mothers.

    • Jasmine

      Thank you Desiree for taking the time to share your thoughts on the book and for sharing the book itself… I must come and visit Daylesford some time … Jasmine X

  5. Jenny Barnes (verified owner)

    Thoroughly enjoyable to read and easy to put down & pick up again in those 5 min juggling sessions that Mums get. The pearls of wisdom were beautifully put in a thought provoking yet encouraging way to remind us all of little tricks to make life easier. I still have her words “do your housework with gusto” when I eventually do what I hate doing. A lovely and worthwhile read for busy & working parents anywhere.

    • Jasmine

      Hi Jenny, Thank you so much for your positive review and yes the doing housework “with gusto” thing is a constant challenge, I heard this quote a while ago now and it has stuck with me, it goes something like this; “Chop firewood, bake bread, seek enlightenment, chop wood, bake bread, seek enlightenment”. As far as I see it the mundane domestic tasks and having balance in the home, are as important as achievements on a higher level!!! You cannot work until you have eaten etc….Have a wonderful day.. Jasmine XX

  6. Ana (verified owner)

    A lovely book and a pleasure to read. I found it so inspiring to get out there and start creating. I highly recommend it!

    • Jasmine

      Thank you so much Ana for your review! I am happy to hear that you have been inspired.. Jasmine X

  7. Ingrid (verified owner)

    So genuine and thoughtful, I loved reading Jasmine’s book and appreciate the intention and commitment taken to produce it. Honest insights that feel like helpful hints from a friend. A great gift for anyone looking for some real life creative juice.

    • Jasmine

      Hey Ingrid, Thank you for taking the time to recommend my book, I am happy to hear that you have enjoyed it… Cheers Jasmine X

  8. Sarah Hassett

    This is a great little book, easy and quick to read and full of ideas about how to find time to focus on your practice regardless of other commitments!

  9. Jiah Harrison (verified owner)

    This is my ‘Little Book of Calm’! Every chapter felt like a breath of fresh air. As I worked through it, the possibility of leading a successful life as an artist with kids underfoot felt so much more achievable. I know I will pick up this book time and time again whenever I’m in need of some words of wisdom and encouragement.

  10. Jasmin de Wolf (verified owner)

    A practical, realistic and authentic guide packed with valuable tips, encouraging for any mother wanting to pursue creative projects more often. Thanks Jasmine for sharing your insights and experience in an easy-to-read book – I only wish I had a copy before I had my first baby!

    • Jasmine

      Thank you so much Jasmin for taking the time to leave a book review! I am so glad you found my book helpful.. X

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