Anyone who knows me well, can testify to having endured my love of Rod Stewart’s music, best played loud while I sing along… It really was the soundtrack of my life for quite a while. So I was SUPER happy and excited that I got to go see him on friday night at Rod Laver, with a crowd mostly the age of my parents! Ah ha ha, but he was even better in the real and his voice was spot on amazing… I can still feel the tingles down my spine! Shame I know but I even shed quite a few tears! Anyhow, my lovely hubby and I made a weekend of it and with Grandma and the four kids in tow we trekked around Melbourne, making the most of it all, eating takeaway food, staring at weird strangers, tackling the traffic, discovering scienceworks and the pumping station (surely the worlds most beautifully built sewerage works) and just generally enjoying being somewhere different from home.