I spent a large part of my life living in the Northern Territory, in the very top end of Australia. It isn’t subject to the usual cycle of seasons familiar to most people. It is basically hot, hotter, hot and wet, dry and pleasant. Yes, for three months a year it is the place to be.
I have since moved, and have spent the last seven years living in parts of Australia governed by a more typical seasonal cycle. Summer, autumn, winter, spring. I have truly enjoyed these unfamiliar changes and the beauty and difference that comes with every season. I try hard to not be one of those people who complains that it is too hot or too cold, even the wind and rain can be complained about (usually loudly in shopping aisles).
I try and remember the purposes behind the seasons and the fact that there is a process in life that has to be respected.
It is summer here now, and a few 40 degree days have been thrown in, serving to remind me of my years spent in the territory. At the moment we have out of control bush fires, we have no rain and our water tank is empty here at home. This is how I got round to thinking about the subject of seasons.

I was thinking about how we could compare what occurs in nature to our own lives. I have had my long hard years. Sowing years, years without much return on my efforts. In a way, doing this New YorkArt show has meant a long season of commitment to painting, turning down many social invitations, spending summer at home and not holidaying. Many late nights and early starts, financial restrictions, these are just some of the things my NewYork preparation has entailed.
Do I feel like complaining? Sometimes. Do I wish I was on the plane tomorrow? Sometimes. Is it really hard? sometimes yes. So I have to remind myself in these times, to enjoy this process. The process of creating a body of work, for all that it strips from me. To live through it, to absorb it, but, not let it absorb me. I remind myself that I am learning and growing. That this season will lead to another in which I will be once again stripped back, once again in danger of wishing the journey away in preference of my destination.
So, what am I saying here? Life is seasonal, take the good with the bad, don’t complain, you are growing, you will reach your goals only by going through a process, as in seasons, there are no shortcuts.
Summer, autumn, winter, spring, whichever you prefer, try and see the best and most beautiful things in every new day. When things get tough ask for grace and strength from God to complete the tasks at hand. Where are you at right now? Are you sowing or reaping? Is life peachy or is it bittersweet. I would love to hear what challenges you and what makes you smile.
Jasmine x
Here are some of our summer pics…