I have wanted to go along to Semi Permanent for a few years now and I am so glad I finally made it. The chance to listen to a whole bunch of successful creative people appealed to me on several levels and I wasn’t disappointed. It was great to hear real stories of success and failure, of luck and hard work and to have my own processes of making and living creatively challenged. I have to say that I felt like I took something away from every speaker and there wasn’t anyone who didn’t inspire me in some way. I also had the overwhelming feeling that what I am doing is right and I am on the right track. I know it’s not about the “end result” or the “big thing” but about creating work that I love and that means something, time and time again. Not art for arts sake. The thing that has stuck in my mind the most though and it wasn’t something I expected was my need to go back to living in a more simple way, having less and doing more. Miso was the artist that spoke to me in that regard, making me think more about the commerce of my work and her way of trading skills etc to make things happen.. I found that refreshing in contrast with some of what has become for me a very business like way of thinking about art and expenditure for me. For example I often have ideas which I then feel are impossible within my budget etc, so I am now more determined that in the future, I will solve these problems with more creativity. I could write all day about the conference, but, in short, I recommend that if you can, you should go along yourself and invest in your own sense of direction and purpose. The after party was fun as well and I always pack as much as I can in, when I visit Melbourne. Thanks to all the lovely people who made it a wonderful experience! Jasmine x
Ps I am having a giveaway on my Facebook page Jasmine Mansbridge Art. All you have to do is like the page, if you already have done so, feel free to share on your own page.. I will draw when it hits 600 likes! 🙂 🙂
Pss another plus is a word I have always struggled to spell properly “permanent” is now firmly fixed in my head!