I am having a write up put in my local paper and for this it I was questioned about success. Not that I am an expert in success, but I do value any success I have had. Here was my answer;

Success, success has to be celebrated no matter how small. Success is not found in your comfort zone, which is why I have agreed to do this story! To be successful at anything you have to take risks, put your head on the chopping block and not let other peoples opinions concern you. Success builds on success and so you have to start somewhere, if there is a door open take it, take the opportunities that are in front of you. Success also requires boring old repetition and consistency, I think that is why it is often said to “do what you love” because it is hard to become good at anything you don’t love doing. So then when you are successful it won’t surprise you, it will just be part of a journey, not the pinnacle. Understand?

So, I’d be interested to hear what success means to you?