I learnt to screen print with Rachel Castle a while ago now, at a wonderful class at “The School” in Sydney.


paints and screen printing things..

I really enjoy screen printing. I find it a great way to experiment with different ideas and give my brain a rest from painting. The results are quicker and the applications are endless.



photo-12I decided that it was time I should share this wonderful skill and so on sunday my hubby took the kids out for the day and a couple of ladies joined me for five hours of screen printing fun. Broken up by cups of tea, carrot cake, (home grown) pumpkin soup and bread.

photo-17 photo-15 photo-13When you are screen printing time flies by………………………………………………..

photo-18Leftover paint is never wasted in my house and so as soon as the kids got home they got stuck into making their own beautiful creations!!


Anyhow, I am going to teach a few more classes, the next one being on the 24th of August, so, if you would like to join in, shoot me an email to jasminemansbridge@yahoo.com.au

Screen printing is a versatile skill, and it can be used for many different applications (a home made christmas anyone?), on fabric, paper or sheets etc…

Jasmine x