See the advent pockets hanging on the wall...so proud!

Sweet little sweat shop baby

I’ve got the sewing bug at the moment. This has a lot to do with the fact that it is easier to sew rather than paint with the kiddies around, also has a lot to do with spoonflower, which has enabled me to play around with and make my own fabrics. I also have another reason to sew as I am aiming to have a much less consumer orientated christmas, than what is the norm. After fourteen years of motherhood, I have finally made my own advent calendar or christmas ‘pockets’. I really do love the warm fuzzy, family, friends, christian side of christmas, but hate hate the waste. So watch out for homemade coolness this christmas all my lovelies!

aunty cookie, random & my own fabric for a quilt panel

my spoonflower fabrics