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The idea for these portals came to mind late one night, when I was thinking about how nice it was to be lying awake in the dark, in a quiet house, alone with my thoughts.

I thought about how this feeling might be able to be represented in my work and transferred to daily life. I wanted something unique and different from a usual circular portal shape, and I needed a vanishing point. So, this is how the triangular or “three point portal” came about.

In my recent exhibition at the Hamilton Art Gallery, I described them like this;

The “three point portals” are as their titles suggest, little views into other places, glimpses of imaginings just around the corner. Disappearing viewpoints. Portals. They will look good hanging alone, or in a group as they are here. Purely as decoration, or to stimulate thought about what lies beyond the present dimension.

After a trial using store bought triangles, I have since had them made up locally for me, at the Hamilton Men’s Shed. They are made from salvaged building materials, then hand painted and sealed by me.

As an aside I have to share this with you. I recently read Patti Smith’s book M Train, in it she talks about “portals” in a beautiful, sentimental way. I felt tingles down my spine upon reading, as I felt my ideas about making “portals” and then making them, and then reading about someone else talking about them, was one of those special serendipitous moments in life that make you go ah ha.

So there you go, the “three point portals” back story..

I have had offers to stock them in some well known places, and take them to a commercial level, but I feel they would lose their power, their ability to memorise if this was to happen.

They will pop up from time to time now, as part of my “making” repertoire.

Have a great day, wherever you are..

Jasmine ….