There is this thing I would really like to be involved in, it’s called the Big Hearted Business Conference.. and, even better, I really would like to get a scholarship to be able to participate on a deeper level.

To enter I had to make a short video, answering this question, “How does my creativity contribute to this world?” ..Tough one, really tough, and, I have thought about this question many times before. So, I figured I had to just jump right in, answer honestly, not over analyse and let my heart be felt. Its hard to explain these things, the things that you feel make your own life valid, meaningful and worthwhile. And the world? Well it’s a pretty big place.

So, If you want to know what my answer was.. you can watch my video clip (link in blue below). There are lots of things I could have tweeked, or changed, but, I felt best to just let it out into the world before I could change my mind, damp it down etc… Fix it and make it perfect (which I am not).. and my studio, I realise, really needs a tidy…..

I would love your feedback and I would love you to vote for me.. even better share with your friends (I think there is a facebook share on the clip itself). Or send them straight to www.bigheartedbusiness.com. I have to say a massive thanks to my daughter Eden, who fiddled round with my movie, and put the music and words over the footage. She did a great job in a short amount of time…..

So here it is;

Jasmine Mansbridge – Big Hearted Business Scholarship Entry

Thank you everyone, comments welcome 🙂 …… Jasmine x