I have been feeling very blessed lately, even more so than usual. I could go into the whys and hows and my theories about life in general, but thats for another day! Anyhow, I want to share the love around a bit and give someone a chance to win one of my paintings. Also, I really enjoy writing my blog and would like to add to my subscriber list. So, a giveaway is a bit of a win win all round.

painting for giveaway "my heart sang"

painting for giveaway “my heart sang”

To enter my giveaway here are the “rules”;

Most importantly, subscribe to my blog, via my website here or by giving your email address directly to me at; jasminemansbridge@yahoo.com.au

Secondly, you need to share the image of the painting for giveaway on social media (if you don’t use social media please let me know via email) on either twitter/instagram or Facebook, (or all three if you fancy) and tag me in that post (so I can find it).. my twitter handle is @jasminesart, instagram is #jasminemansbridgeart and on facebook I am jasmine mansbridge art..

Then I will pick a winner from one of my subscribers! (if you already subscribe to my blog, all you have to do is share the image and tag me).

Giveaway closes midnight sunday night the 21st July!

So put simply;

-to win an original painting by me
-subscribe to the blog
-share via social media
-wait to see if your email address is drawn

too easy!!

"My Heart Sang", sitting cosy at my house, could be on its way to yours! {photo by Martina Gemmola}

“My Heart Sang”, sitting cosy at my house, could be on its way to yours! {photo by Martina Gemmola}

p.s, any questions? Make sure you ask me? Social media can be confusing I know and i’d hate for you to miss out because you feel daunted!

Jasmine x

p.s. I am very sorry, but I am unable to extend this giveaway to those of you who live overseas, only to my Australian & N.Z subscribers, though you can still play and I can give to someone in Aus or NZ on your behalf! Thank you for your understanding!