I am feeling particularly full of energy, goodness, happiness, grace, etc etc today and so I really just wanted to have a word on what made my day feel this way so far. Today I feel good because of several reasons.

My two year old went to spend the morning with his Grandma and so with just my baby in tow, I had a fraction more time. I made the effort to wear something that needed ironing, so I guess I felt nice and crisp. I did both my hair and my make up, when I usually could only get to doing one or the other. I grabbed a takeaway coffee in town, picked up posters for my upcoming exhibition and had therefore had an excuse to chat to shop owners everywhere. That is just my morning, then to look forward to, I have dinner out tonight and then away for the weekend.

The voice of my father is often loud in my head and one of his regular sayings rings true here, “without a vision, people perish”, this is from the Bible and I know for me this really does ring true. With vision and purpose, life becomes more meaningful. Do you have a vision, a vision for the next five minutes, your day, week, year etc…