The subject of home has long held fascination for me. I have had many homes in my life so far, and each one of them has left some mark on me.
My home at the moment is a big old house, the kind of house you want to hug. It is a house that fills me with sentimentality and I often wonder about its many lives and the people who have lived here before me. We rent this house and it has never been intended to be a permanent residence, and at some point it will become part of another persons story.
My favourite part of the house is the formal lounge room, with it’s elaborate pressed tin ceiling, fireplace, and beautiful bay window with stained glass detail. It is here I have painted for almost two years, soaking up the tranquility of this space and winding down, so my creativity can flow.
I am not sure how long this house will be my home, but it, along with its peaceful neighbourhood will certainly have left its mark on my life and my art.