Large Scale Artworks/Wall Drawings/Murals

If you have a wall or other surface you would like to me to work on, please get in touch via email at hello@jasminemansbridge.com

Large Scale Artwork at No 2/floor 35 Southbank Boulevard, Melbourne 2019

                     191 Johnston St, Collingwood, Melbourne “All the Thoughts we Caught”

Three Pacific Place (8 Queens Rd) Hong Kong “The Wall Of 1000 Thoughts”

Laneway Project 2019  “Reflection & Introspection”

Hamilton Flooring Xtra Laneway Mural 2017

\Garage Project 2015.

Roxburgh House Mural 2015.

NAB Bank/Pocket Garden Mural. Collaboration with Roger Edwards.

Hamilton Art Gallery Mural 2015.

“Hamilton” Mural, Collab with South West Tafe.

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 Eico Paint HQ, Hong Kong 2017

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Hamilton Flooring Xtra Mural 2017

Commercial Work

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