Large Scale Artworks / Murals

If you have a wall or project you would like me to be part of please get in touch.


City of Greater Geelong Women in Art Project 2022. Corner of Ryrie Street & James Street, Geelong. 


Art Pharmacy Collection for Deloitte Melbourne Office 2020

Large Scale Artwork at No 2/floor 35 Southbank Boulevard, Melbourne 2019

Hong Kong to Hackney Wick – Hackney Wick Canal – London 2019

 191 Johnston St, Collingwood, Melbourne “All the Thoughts we Caught”

Three Pacific Place (8 Queens Rd) Hong Kong “The Wall Of 1000 Thoughts”

Laneway Project 2019  “Reflection & Introspection”

Hamilton Flooring Xtra Laneway Mural 2017

\Garage Project 2015.

Roxburgh House Mural 2015.

NAB Bank/Pocket Garden Mural. Collaboration with Roger Edwards.

Hamilton Art Gallery Mural 2015.

“Hamilton” Mural, Collab with South West Tafe.

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 Eico Paint HQ, Hong Kong 2017

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Hamilton Flooring Xtra Mural 2017

Commercial Work

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