I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like everywhere I look I see amazing talent… X factor for example….where do they find those spine tingling voices, who seem to appear one after the other, and then there are the visual artists whose work I keep coming across, artists create stuff that makes me stop dead in my tracks (anyone seen the 2014 Archibald finalists?). I am inspired to work even harder on my own art. There is brilliance everywhere I look.

Then there is social media….I am a big fan of instagram and I am constantly surprised by the clever people I keep coming across on there. (Pinterest can be even worse). Witty blogs, perfect pictures, it sometimes overwhelms me. And, so I had this thought the other night, I thought about the names that spring to my mind when I think about the creative champions of the past, of the stars in our shared cultural history. People like Elvis, Charles Dickens, Janis Joplin, the Beatles.. and the ones whose careers are still spanning decades, like the Eagles and the Rollingstones. I thought about their brilliance. Then I wondered about this brilliance everywhere, brilliance becoming the norm. The bar being raised this high. Less average and more amazing. Perfection, champions and stars. Does so much brilliance spell the end of brilliance?  Will there be so many wonderful artists, writers, actors (the list goes on), that put simply, none of them will remain memorable? That the result of a world spilling over with talent will be a world with none. Does it mean we are all brilliant then, or that none of us are? Is this the end of brilliance?……….

And here is just one of those example of spine tingling I am talking about;

Anyhow.. enough thinking for tonight..

I am off to bed…

Jasmine x

One more bit of brilliance for you..